Our major projects

We have delivered structural analyses, FEM-analyses, shop drawings and other drawings for the following projects:

Onshore wind energy projects

  • Optimizing a welded base frame in order to reduce production costs
  • Structure to slide a gearbox in a main frame

Offshore wind energy projects

  • Optimizing the supporting structure of a 5,0 MW nacelle

Automotive engineering, heavy load transportation devices and material handling equipment

  • Developing the heavy load devices YAK 30 and YAK 60
  • Assembly line for the production of wind turbines

Transport racks, lifting beams, lifting devices etc.

  • Transport devices for components of wind turbines from 1,0 to 500,0 to
  • Supporting and transportation structures for components of wind turbines
  • Structures to lift the nacelle of wind turbines for production-, exhibition- or training purposes
  • Crane-structures, bridges and travelling bridges
  • Special cranes and load-handling attachments
  • Lifting beams

Expert’s Assessment

  • Remedial action on a damaged welded structure (fatigue cracks) of a wind turbine
  • Accesses and stage constructions in dairy factories and other facilities
  • Expert’s assessment on damaged devices under dynamic load (welded constructions, foundations, etc.)
  • Expert’s assessment on damage caused by fire on construction parts
  • Foundations for milling devices and other machines

Civil engineering: steel- and concrete engineering

  • Implementation planning for new buildings and for annexes to existing building
  • Implementation planning for annexes to old and new office buildings, detached houses and apartment buildings, structural analyses, framework- und reinforcement drawings, fire-, acoustic- and thermal insulation analyses)
  • Bridges for industrial usage and transportation
  • Thermal insulation analysis for industrial buildings
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